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How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking (and how you can, too)

Posted on March 9, 2014

Woman Covering Mouth by David Castillo Dominici
Experts say for most people the fear of speaking in public is stronger than the fear of dying.

A few years ago, I could relate to this wholeheartedly. Here’s the situation. I received an award for a book of my poems, and as part of it, was required to participate in a poetry reading.

You think this would be an exciting, happy occasion, yet every time I even thought about the reading, I would have a feeling of deep dread in my stomach and I would literally want to throw up. Dramatic response, eh?

Maybe you can relate?

I see a lot of clients with a fear of public speaking–whether it’s giving presentations at work, performing in front of a large audience, giving a wedding toast, or simply being articulate in a small group setting–this is a common issue. (And it can be quite intense for people: one client was almost hyperventilating in my office!)

How did I overcome this deep fear?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Here’s a past post of what EFT is and how it works.

I’ve talked about this in previous posts and it’s still my #1 favorite way to make quick and easy changes.

So how did I use EFT? Every time I thought about the upcoming reading and felt that deep dread in the pit of my stomach I did a round or two of EFT/tapping. I tapped on everything I was worried about–fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of freezing up, fear of stumbling over my words.

Finally it was the night of the reading and it was my turn. I approached the podium, adjusted the microphone, and looked at the audience. Then the weirdest thing happened.

I realized I was savoring and enjoying the moment: I saw the well-known poet who had selected my work for the award, noticed some friends and family sitting in the back of the room, saw one of my favorite professors. I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and was actually enjoying getting to read my poems and share my work.

It was bizarre–I had a thought that perhaps I wasn’t in the right body, as this was such an unusual feeling for me!

Rather than racing through the reading, I read through my poems in an expressive and animated way. I felt like I was really able to give it my all, and that I did my best. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would actually enjoy the reading.

And I’ve had clients share similar dramatic experiences.

Now this is something you can do on your own (EFT is easy to learn), though sometimes people need extra support and come for hypnosis sessions. I show you EFT, we work though the things that trigger you, and you learn other self-hypnosis techniques to help you become a successful and eloquent public speaker.

And here’s some FAQ’s from clients about how to fine tune your tapping technique. Let me know how it goes!

Why Discomfort After A Session Is A Good Sign

Posted on February 3, 2014

(& why 3 is the magic number)

Deborah Flanagan Reiki Session

People often feel great after a session. And the immediate effects can last for several days, especially if you consciously support the process.

But discomfort later that day, or over the next few days, can actually be a good thing. I know, I know, we want that instant gratification of feeling good, but sometimes our bodies respond differently.

Discomfort can mean the session is starting to move things in the body, helping it rebalance itself. Occasionally, people will notice an increase in symptoms the next day or so, followed by feeling much better.

What You Might Notice.

You might notice heightened emotions, unusual dreams, change in sleep, or physical symptoms like a headache.

Now I don’t want to give you leading ideas about how you should feel. Everyone processes the changes following a session in different ways, and it varies from session to session, person to person.

Why 3 is the Magic Number

When you’re experiencing a lot after a session (either positive or negative), getting 3 sessions somewhat close together (every week or every other week) can be especially beneficial.

This helps you have a time frame to measure preliminary results from the sessions. And if you’re noticing changes, additional sessions will help continue the process, especially if you’re dealing with a specific issue, or chronic or acute condition.

And as always, I want to hear from you following a session, so I can provide support and feedback if you need it.

3 Easy Ways To Start The New Year Right

Posted on January 16, 2014

January is such a good time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to start the new year right.

1. Hypnosis: So often we think we need more willpower or discipline to overcome a bad habit, let go of a fear, or make a big life change. I don’t think that’s it at all. Read on to find out why, in this article I wrote on how hypnosis can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

2. 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook & Calendar: In case you missed it, I wrote about this in my last newsletter, and I’ve already received lots of positive feedback from people who already started using them. Check it out!

3. Gratitude Jar: I put this into practice last year and it was wonderful at the end the year to read everything in the jar. I’m doing it again this year–try it and let me know what you think.

calendar image 2014


What A World Famous Dancer Can Teach Us About Transformation

Posted on October 26, 2013



Last week I felt like my worlds came together in a surprising way.

In my former life, I was a ballet dancer. So my ears perked up in the Polarity bodywork class I was taking, when my teacher, Gary Strauss, mentioned the world-famous dancer and choreographer Luigi.

I grew up taking Luigi-style jazz classes but never knew his back story. It’s pretty remarkable.

Two months after arriving in Hollywood to pursue his dream, Luigi was in a near fatal car accident. He was paralyzed on one side of his body and doctors told him he’d never walk again.

While in a coma, he reported hearing an inner voice tell him: “Never stop moving kid, if you stop you’re dead.”

(I absolutely love that Luigi’s inner voice called him “kid.” What does your inner voice call you?)

So the first thing Luigi shows us is to listen to our inner voice. Hypnosis can be explained in many different ways, but I think the ability to listen to your inner voice is the #1 best thing about hypnosis and where transformation starts.

Back to Luigi. Dance he did: performing in An American in Paris, Singing in the Rain, and 28 other movies, eventually opening up his own school. At age 88, he still teaches daily classes.

But what was the one thing Luigi said that explains why making positive change is often hard?

And how can this new understanding help you transform your life in a powerful way?

If you keep doing things right long enough, they’ll get better right. But, if you keep doing things wrong long enough, they’ll feel right — wrong.” Eugene Louis “Luigi” Faccuito

How does this apply to making changes in your own life?

So often we do things over and over–so much so that it feels right even if it’s wrong (e.g. think bad habits, addictions, negative thought patterns).

And when we make a change using hypnosis, it sometimes feels wrong, even if it’s right.

I’ve experienced this first hand in my own life many times, and I love hearing clients share similar experiences. After going for a few hypnosis sessions, I’ll start to do whatever negative habit or behavior I always used to do–and DON’T! It’s quite an interesting sensation.

The most dramatic example was my fear of public speaking. I got up to do a presentation, and instead of rushing through it, I took a deep breath, surveyed the room, took it all in and savored the moment. I felt like I was in the wrong body at first. I actually enjoyed giving the speech (and believe me, I used to feel like throwing up, so this was quite a dramatic change).

And one last famous Luigi saying:
“Put the good side into the bad side.’’

All the self-hypnosis techniques I show you are ways to put the good into the bad, allowing you to get better results, so you can transform.

What are ways you can do the right thing even if it doesn’t feel comfortable, or put the good into the bad? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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